COVID-19: Bookish Businesses Edition

COVID 19 has not only impacted physical brick and mortar stores but also many small or individually owned business. It’s a ripple effect that trickles down to the gears of the business and hinders it temporarily during this time.

Small businesses are the soul and artistry that provide the individuality that sets them apart from your broad generic corporations.

As a reader there are tiny little details that make up my reading experience. A warm cup of strong coffee, a beautifully detailed bookmark, fluffy blankets, and scented candles that help set the atmosphere I’m looking for when reading.

As such I’ve made a simple list of small businesses that are bookish in nature to help support them during this unusual time.

1. Wolfdor

Products: Tea, coffee, handcrafted goods and decor.

Highlight: Butterbeer Tea

Courtesy of

2. Chatty Nora

Products: Prints, cards, and notebooks.

Highlight: Pure Imagination Print – Roald Dahl, A6 Wizards inspired spell notebooks

Courtesy of Chatty Nora on

3. Madame Alchemie

Products: Skincare, perfumes, and diffusers.

Highlight: Persephone rollerball perfume.

Courtesy of Madame Alchemie on Instagram

4. Monolime

Products: Prints, phonecases, bookmarks.

Highlight: Six of Crows prints

Courtesy of Monolime on Red Bubble

5. Dust and Pages

Products: Enamel pins

Highlight: The Thirteen Blackbeak Coven pin

Courtesy of

6. Catarina Book Designs

Products: Lettering, Illustrations, artistic goods.

Highlight: A well read woman sticker

Courtesy of Catarina Book Designs on WordPress

7. Flickerink

Products: candles

Highlight: Button Eyes Candle – Coraline Inspired

Courtesy of Flickerink on

Support your fav small business by giving them a shout out! Just copy paste the template to any of your social media accounts.

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