Cozy Winters | London Cafes

What? Teatulia

Where? 36 Neal St, West End, WC2H 9PS, London

I know it’s summer but one of my favorite tea shops happens to be one of the coziest spots to escape the cold outside or save it for a gloomy rainy day. Teatulia serves organic teas that are ethically sourced. Yay!

The interiors are to die for. The place is filled with shelves, books, quirky decor, and jars filled with loose leaf tea. The warm colors of burgundy red and dark teal are uplifted by soft light. The wooden shelves add an earthy natural vibe to the space.

Peek the vintage corner study!

I personally lean towards their black and spiced teas, they’re rich and vibrant in flavor. Although if you prefer something more citrusy go for their lemongrass tea. In winter though do not miss their Chai tea, a black tea infused with ginger and cardamom that’s served with milk. Their pastries are baked fresh (the caramel brownie is super yummy) and some have totally unique flavors.

Cafes with books are the best type of cafes.

Bonus! Their shelves have little stands with various authors written on them, each stand has a little bio of the author and a list of 10 books that they love. Very cool. You can purchase the teas from their website or through Amazon UK.

These are scattered all over the place!

Have you ever been to Teatulia? What do you think?

Organic Fair-trade tea shop at Teatulia London | NEC Blog @jawahirthebookworm

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